SNMPc Enterprise

Device SNMP Views

Multi-Vendor Graphical Device Views


The HubView and BitView scripting applications display a graphical image for multi-slot routers, bridges, and hubs. Device specific custom menus and mouse commands perform SNMPc Enterprise commands on the selected slot or port, or other graphical element.

SNMPc Enterprise includes device scripts for all devices that conform to standard MIBs and for dozens of private MIB devices, including Allied Telesyn, Cisco, and 3com devices. You can easily develop HubView or BitView scripts to graphically manage any SNMP device.


Real-time MIB Displays

SNMPc Enterprise supports real-time displays of MIB variable data in tabular or graphical format. Table or graph displays can include multiple devices and variables from different standard and private MIBs, including derived expressions such as Utilization, Volume, and Percent Errors. You can select any variable cells, table rows or columns, for graphical display.

MIB Browser

SNMPc Enterprise includes a fully featured MIB browser supporting SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 and can be used to get and set individual MIB variables. The MIB Browser can also read all variables supported by a device and export the variable names and values to a file.