SNMPc Enterprise


MIB Compiler

The built-in MIB compiler accepts any MIB in ASN.1 format. Many standard and enterprise Specific MIBs are preinstalled and ready to use. Once compiled, you can use MIB definitions with any SNMPc functions, including the table or graph displays and long term statistics polling.

MIB Expressions


SNMPc Enterprise supports MIB expressions to show derived information such as line Utilization. You can use any of the predefined MIB Expressions, or create your own, to automatically view interesting information in a format you can understand. You can add MIB expressions MIB source files, or create them dynamically with the MIB Expression Calculator.

Custom Tables

You can dynamically create custom tables using the MIB navigation tool window. Custom tables can be subsets of existing MIB tables, or can include variables from tables in different MIBs. You can use MIB Expressions to include derived data types such as Utilization, Volume, and Percent Errors. This allows you to create tables and reports that just contain the data that you want to see.

Custom Menus

User defined custom menus directly perform SNMPc Enterprise commands without having to select MIB objects. Custom menus can display a MIB table; edit, graph or chart any set of MIB variables; set an SNMP MIB variable; or run an application program. SNMPc Enterprise automatically enables or disables Custom Menus depending on the attributes supported by the selected objects.