SNMPc Enterprise

Monitoring & Alerts

Availability and Status Polling

SNMPc Enterprise automatically discovers and polls SNMP/ICMP, WEB, FTP, SMTP, and TELNET services, as well as up to 16 user-selectable TCP services per node. Each application can be configured to match on "success strings" returned by the service. More advanced polling algorithms can be implemented for any service or device type using external custom polling applications. Along with real-time service status, SNMPc Enterprise also provides WEB-based Availability Reports with the SNMPc OnLine plug-in module.

Automatic Threshold Alarms

Once Trend Reporting is setup, Polling Agents monitor all report variables for a learning period and calculate a baseline for typical patterns.

Thereafter, the Polling Agents compare the actual polled data to the baseline and generate alarms when variables deviate excessively from the baseline. Polling Agents automatically adjust baselines as traffic patterns change. You can also manually configure alarm thresholds for any polled variable.


SNMPc Enterprise changes the color of map objects and performs other actions based on received events. Event Action Filters select the action to take when an event occurs. An "easy event" filter option lets you to create event filters directly from log file entries.

SNMPc Enterprise offers a wide range of event actions including:

  • Email, Page, SMS
  • Play WAV Sound
  • Execute Application
  • Forward SNMP Trap
  • Pop-up Alarm Window